Finding Revenue In Today’s Digital World

Businesses looking for customers online need to understand that the digital playing field continues expanding with little end in site.

Customers increasingly transact business, exchange information and pay bills online. And not just online, but increasingly with their phone online.

Does your revenue stream increasingly come via online sources? Do you believe that is happening in the same way and at the same level as your competitors?

If you have invested into sales/marketing over the years — phone books, direct mail, lead-generating services, truck magnets, hats, etc. — understand that being online is different. Why? An ROI, that’s why.

If done correctly, customers clicking a phone number on a site can be measured. So can clicks on an email address, a form filled out or a “Directions” button.

Tracking those ‘conversions’ can show how that visitor arrived at the site and what they did on the site before converting.

Getting the right visitors to you site must happen before a conversion can take place. This takes an investment just like all other sales and marketing efforts.

— ‘SEO’ or Organic Traffic. This is adding keyword targeted content and linking it together with other site pages. Targeted topics in blogs, geographic page targeting, more detailed services pages.

— Advertising. This targets prospects to either stay top of mind or be the page they get to when they are ready to purchase.

Both can be tracked and an ROI developed. Call MPH Digital to learn more.

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