Importance of Mobile

Given the importance of ‘digital’ to businesses of every size

Particularly for home and local services

Google is the default search engine on Mobile devices and powers 95% of mobile searches worldwide.

Google is rolling voice search out on its mobile devices and this is new type of search for several reasons.

If you are a brick-and-mortar business, particularly working directly with end customers, Google search should be considered a prime source or prospects. Why? Because Google presents direct communication options in mobile search results.

Your customer can search for your business specifically or, preferably, search for what you offer and find you that way. The catch? If they are on their phone they can ‘click to call’ without ever getting to your website.

They can also click for directions, which can be a great help to prospects, vendors, drivers and even employees.

If you offer a service for homeowner, being optimized for the phone is even more important. Why? Because Google knows where your phone is, and returns nearby business listings with click-to-call.

A quick test:
— Have you looked around any waiting area to see a majority of people looking at their phone?
— Not only are they checking Facebook and email, they also are searching
— 95%+ of those users are using Safari and Chrome to browse
— Whichever browser they use, Google is the default search
— Growing % use voice search

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