Who We Are

MPH Digital is a new generation digital marketing agency founded in 2009 with a mission to help Twin Cities small businesses find customers and revenue online.

What makes us new generation? We’re pioneering affordable digital marketing services for small businesses in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area and doing it in-market and in-person.

Currently Minneapolis and St. Paul area small businesses looking for online help can either find a do-it-yourself solution or call an agency that requires a monthly retainer in the low to mid four figures.

The former is too difficult and uncertain, the latter too expensive for most.

That’s where MPH Digital comes in. Founder and chief marketer Parker Hodges has 15 years of Twin Cities web experience in all facets of online marketing from content engagement to online advertising to SEO to mobile and social media.

We have an office in St. Louis Park, but use it for work and not show. We have big-agency expertise without the price. How do we do it? This is where the other factor of ‘new generation’ comes in. We’re building a consortium of niche service providers we can pull together on an as-needed basis. Writers, designers, videographers, developers, photographers, coders are all available as needed and not part of our overhead.

At MPH Digital we aren’t thinking of how you are going to help us. We’re thinking of how we are going to help you.